The RCM 2021-2025 supports the participating civil society organisations through a capacity-building programme aimed at equipping participating NGOs with skills, knowledge and the attitudes needed to fully participate in the design, implementation, advocacy for, monitoring and reporting on the national Roma strategic frameworks and other public policies relevant for Roma equality, inclusion and participation. Thanks to the capacity building programme, national coalitions should better understand the governance mechanisms, decision-making and political processes and will become better equipped for evidence-based monitoring, advocacy and dialogue with public authorities.

The RCM’s capacity-building is coordinated by the ERGO Network. Following the applied cascade model, it will be organised at two levels:

  1. EU level: the RCM consortium runs capacity-building activities for national coordinators and provides the national coordinators with guidance on how to plan and implement capacity.building activities at the national level;
  2. national level: national coordinators will run capacity-building activities for civil society organisations in respective national RCM coalitions taking into account different needs of the participating civil society organisations.

The first capacity-building workshop for national coordinators took place from 31 January to 2 February 2022 online.

Capacity-building activities at the national level will start in the summer 2022.